Setting up Pinterest for businesses
Pinterest for businesses

Create a Pinterest account for business.

There a lot of great options if you do. You’ll be able to track visitors using Google and more.

And, don’t worry if you haven’t already you can always convert your account.

You should add your website and verify it as quickly as possible.

Use a bright cheery image of yourself or your logo. This will be used when your posts are repinned by your followers.

Once you’ve set up your Pinterest account you’ll want to create a few boards, about ten is a good starting point.

Think about what categories best reflect your business.

Lean towards broader ones like ‘products for iphones’ or ‘staff’ rather than specific ones like ‘red and purple balloons with white stripes’ – people rarely search for anything that specific.

Whatever label you give them, make sure they are what people are looking for.

Add images from your website to the boards.

Always add interesting and key-search friendly posts to your pins. This will help them become more searchable.

Pins or boards don’t disappear from someone’s timeline after a while. They are permanent and easy to find with the right information attached.

Don’t sit back now and think that you’re done.

You need to get some followers, so go out and see who’s following your competition and follow them.

Hopefully they’ll like what they see and follow you back.

Remember, people go to Pinterest to get ideas about gifts, décor, lifestyle and travel. They want to be educated and inspired.

Setting up Pinterest for businesses
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