Royalty free images may not be as ‘free’ as you think
Royalty free images may not be as ‘free’ as you think.

Often when you purchase an image that you think is royalty free you might be mistaken in thinking that it is yours to be used wherever you want and as often as you want.

This might not be the case, however.

When you are purchasing a license it’s a good idea to read the details before checking that box.

Often royalty free images have a limit as to how many times it can be reproduced.

If you are using the image for print it may be restricted to how many times you can reproduce it. Most of the times this is a high number, like 500,000.

It’s a good idea to know just in case you use it on a popular flyer or in a newspaper that has a large print run – this is the number of copies which are made.

You may be required to pay a fee for extra purchases.

This might be only a few cents, but it is worth knowing so you don’t blow your budget.

If you are not sure and don’t want any extra bills you could do what magazines do and purchase their images with a Rights-managed license.

Alternatively, use your own images and hire a professional photographer.

Or, you could take advantage of our great service and we’ll definitely provide you with royalty free images you can use over and over again.


Royalty free images may not be as ‘free’ as you think
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