We put together a short video for My Puppy Club.

It goes for 1:02 minutes and it is designed to give some tips about toilet training and general puppy care.

It was shared on their Facebook page, but not by paid advertising.

Facebook automatically plays videos on their users’ timelines increasing the number of people who see your message.

This first image can be found by clicking the number of viewers under the video screen.

Video results for My Puppy Club

For this video it was 494 since it was published a week earlier.

We can see that 169 people saw the video, and 139 of those were unique.

This means that either 30 people or less saw it twice or more – Facebook doesn’t give us exact figures.

However, 79 people only saw the first 10 seconds.

This might be because they scrolled over it on their timeline.

And, 43% of people watched it till the end.

You can see by this image the number of people who watched the video with the sound off.

Further engagement

This further points to the importance of using captions or text in your videos.

Further stats revealed that the video was watched primarily by women aged 45 to 54.

We might also summarize that it is important to get your brand on the first two or three slides.

That way, you’ll reach those people who only watch the first 10 seconds.

Each slide in this video goes for a maximum of 5 seconds; some less.

This was a quick experiment, but as you can see the results have taught us a lot.

We now know that we should incorporate the brand name and logo in the first slide.

That it would be advisable to offer a hook which is only revealed towards the end to increase user engagement.

We also learnt that a non-paid video can do well if it has the right subject and is placed in front of the right people.

More lessons to come!


Promoting a video on Facebook – a case study
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