When you type a question into your search engine, you don’t often know how much work went into the posts you are offered.

Over at My Puppy Club, hundreds of hours has gone into the vast number of posts made available on the site.

According to the content writers there are over 650 different posts.

Now, there are only so many tricks you can teach a dog to do.

Likewise, there are only so many obedience commands a dog can learn, right?

Well, due to a strangely admirable bloody-minded perseverance, the content writers have been about to write about all manner of doggie related things.

There topics range from bathing your puppy; explanations about microchips and how they work and; what books and apps are available for dog owners.

Offering great content to dog lovers is no off-leash run in the park!
My Puppy Club stuffed with content

Keeping ideas flowing

One of the ways My Puppy Club keeps its content fresh and shareable is to invite guests to write about how a pet influenced their lives.

This allows guests to share their website and other links along with their story.

Getting your name and business on a wide variety of websites is no easy feat.

The other great initiative they’ve put together is a couple of catchy videos.

One is an introduction to the site’s aims and goals.

The other is a 5 step program on the essentials needed to train a new puppy.

Both were created using Adobe Spark and Powtoon respectively.

These videos add to the already engaging content on this fun website.

If you need help training your pooch or you just like to look at adorable puppy pics, head over to My Puppy Club – you won’t be disappointed.

Offering great content to dog lovers is no off-leash run in the park!
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