Keeping your readers engaged involves many things
Keeping your readers engaged involves many things

Jakob Nielsen in, Legibility Readability, and Comprehension: Making Users Read Your Words, tells us that most people who visit a website only read 28% of the words.

That’s under a third of the content; or two/thirds being ignored.

The reasons why are varied and we’ve covered some of them on this blog.

Not only does your content need to be interesting to your visitors, it needs to be legible, readable and comprehensible.

What keeps people reading blog articles?

We have looked out the types of words you should use and how design effects how long people will stay.

However, as Nielson points out, Just because people can read and understand your content doesn’t mean that they will do so.”

Most people scan a webpage before committing to reading all of its content.

This is known as the F factor and you can read about it here – How does the F Pattern shape the way you should write blog posts?

What makes a successful blog post?

You need to write about topics which interests or informs potential visitors.

That information needs to be set out clearly in the title of your post.

The words in your title are what the search engines use to point visitors to your blog.

The first paragraph must answer or address the information related in the title.

The next few paragraphs must support the title too and be entertaining.

The use of subheadings will help people scanning your article to read it fully.

Images placed every 150 words will help break up long pieces of text and add a greater value to what you are saying.

Use these above points and you’ll find a greater number of visitors showing up to your website and staying longer.


Keeping your blog readers engaged involves many things
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