Keep customers engaged with compelling blog content
Keep customers engaged with compelling content

As we discussed in – influential methods to become a leader in your field is to create and maintain a website – keeping people on your site is down to good content.

You will need quality articles that cover a wide range of interesting topics.

These can be categorized under the theme your business covers, but they must be compelling and interesting.

This can be achieved by writing blog articles which are keyword rich and SEO searchable.

Write for people not bots!

However, while the search engines are happy to find the words, they are not human beings.

Your customers are, and you should create articles which they will enjoy reading.

Remember people go online to be entertained, excited and informed.

They won’t read your posts if they are boring or irrelevant.

Construct your articles well

Instead, write articles which have short sentences, have an image every 150 words and a subheading (H2) every 100 words.

These small factors will make a big difference in keeping the attention of your readers, especially if they are reading on a smaller screen, such as a tablet or a smartphone.

If they have to swipe through screen after screen of text, they are going to loose interest quickly.

Always finish with a Call to Action.

If someone has taken the time to read your article to the end, they are more than likely going to want to connect with you further.


Keep customers engaged with compelling blog content
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