Is content overload putting visitors off visiting your site?
Is content overload putting visitors off?

In an earlier post, we looked at the effect of content overload on our ability to perceive value and clarity.

Essentially, content overload is being over exposed to content – posts, articles, reports, emails, etc etc… it’s about being bombarded with too much text.

While it’s important to convey your level of expertise in well-articulated articles, it is equally important to add images to break up the text.

This allows your reader to stop and take in what he or she has just read.

It makes reading your blog easier on tablets and phones, too.


If someone is scrolling through your content and they happened to lose their place, they should be able to use the images as a ‘sign posts’.

The images can help your readers located where they were up to and continue reading.

If they can’t they may give up and leave your site, and no one wants this.

By placing images every 150 words, you are ensuring that your visitors will be more than likely to finish reading your content.

They are likely to become more engaged too because images are very powerful and compelling – that is if you use the right ones. See Are your images working hard for you?

People want to find your content. They spend a lot of time online looking for advice and being entertained.

Don’t put them off by adding to the over-burden of content.

Instead, break up your text with compelling and unique images that reflect your brand and your values.


Is content overload sending visitors away from your site?
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