Images tell the true essence of your blog
Images tell the true essence of your blog

Whether you realise it or not, images capture more about your blog than you imagine.

They tell a story in a few seconds in such a way that words can’t compete.

Having said that, you need text too, but your images should be of equal importance.

You shouldn’t use stock standard images that everyone else is using.

This will lead to people clicking past your website because you are 1) boring as hell and 2) you haven’t captured their imagination or interest.


There are millions of posts and articles put online each minute.

Can you imagine how overused some images are even if just a fraction of a percent of these people used them?

You need images that are unique and relatable. They should reflect your values and mission statement.

They should also impart how you want your customers to feel after their retail experience with you.

You do want your customers leaving you with a feeling of joy, fulfilment and happiness, don’t you?

Then use images that reflect these values and you’ll be telling your customers how they will feel after they’ve purchased from you.

Your blog is important and so are your products and services.

Your images should relate to your potential customers what’s important and special and unique about you!

They shouldn’t be repeating the same old, same old stock pics that we’ve all seen before.


Images tell a lot about the true essence of your blog
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