Images help us remember and retain information better
Images help us remember

Images help us remember information better.

A well-crafted image that says a lot about you and your business will stick in a client’s mind.

He or she may forget your name, but they are going to be able to recall the image you used with a lot more detail.

When we meet someone we’ve met before we often say, “Sorry, I’ve forgotten your name, but your face looks familiar.”

(We’ve all said that line more than once!)

This is a natural throw-back to when we humans were living in caves.

Without proper verbal or written methods of communication, we needed to be able to recognise friend from foe, and quickly!

If not, and we could be in big trouble!

The images you choose for your website and blog should be memorable, in a good way!

Not memorable because they were so bad!

Instead, your images should speak about who your company is and what its goals and missions are.

They should reflect your mission statement and reflect what is the essential core values of your company, and even you.

They might be funny or serious or they might be educational and inspiring – they could be all of these things and more.

Images help us remember and retain information better
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