If content is king, does that make images the Supreme Being?
Are images the Supreme Being?

Bloggers and website designers will tell you over and over again that content is the most thorough method to employ if you want to see great results.

Content equals great articles, written in such a way that search engines can’t help but send visitors to your site.

There is no doubt that great content will result in your website being visited by more and more people.

However, this process can take up to six months, and it takes a certain kind of person to sit behind a computer screen and write for hours.

Even so, if content is king, there is no doubt that images are the Supreme Being!

Images will address the issue of shortened attention spans and high bounce rates.

Images grab people’s attention immediately; even before people have paid that much attention to your article heading.

Google or another search engine has brought them to your site, but it is your images that will keep visitors there.

How you use images and what kind of images you use are important too.

You want to use images that are interesting and engaging.

These images, therefore, need to be unique. You don’t want to use what everyone else is using.

Take advantage of the huge impact images have and you’ll see greater results.


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If content is king, does that make images the Supreme Being?
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