How to use white on your website for maximum effect
Use white on your website for maximum effect

In this series of posts we are going to look at how color affects the way people perceive your website.

There is a wide body of research done that tells us about the effects of colors.

The colors you use tell potential customers important things about your company.

They should be a reflection on your brand and marketing goals.

Today we are going to look at white.

The opposite of black, white reflects all the other colours of the spectrum.

It’s a color, or shade, which brings a whole range of meanings.

On one level it’s hygienic, sterile, pure and clean. This sends a message of simplicity, sophistication and efficiency. That’s why hospitals, medical equipment and medical emergency vehicles are white.

White tends to make rooms and spaces look bigger. However, they can also appear sterile.

Using white on your website is a bonus because you can use it to highlight other colors really well.

It provides the perfect background to black text, which is the easiest to read.

Try to avoid too much white though, it gives the impression of being untouchable or too clean.

When something is too sterile, we tend to avoid it because people are drawn to warmer colours.

In previous posts we looked at the colors blue, red, brown and black, just to name a few.

If you would like to talk to us about how to use colors in your images click here.


How to use white on your website for maximum effect
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