How to use the metadata of your images to increase SEO
Use metadata to increase SEO

Images are much more than pretty pictures which may hold your site’s visitor’s attention.

You should know how to utilize the metadata of each and every image you use to increase your site’s search-ability.

If you don’t you may lose valuable customers.

The metadata of an image increases your chances of being found by 30%.

If you don’t use it correctly, you are not taking advantage of something that is free and easy to implement.

If you are using WordPress, this process is easy.

When you select an image to your post, change the four categories on the right hand side.

If you understand SEO you will have a well-crafted title that is rich in keywords.

Add this to the title, caption, alt-text and description. You’ll need to shorten it for the caption to only three or four words.

By adding this extra information you are increasing a search engine’s ability to find your article.

While the title and description are not seen on your site, they can be found by a search engine.

So, two can the caption and alt-text.

The alt-text, in particular, is designed for sight-impaired users. Showcase your great content by adding the title to this feature.

Even the few words you add to your caption are ‘read’ by search engines.

If you have more than one image on a post, this will increase your chances of being found by organic searches even more so.

Don’t underestimate how important the metadata is and use it to your advantage.


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How to use the metadata of your images to increase SEO
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