How to use the featured image option in WordPress
Featured images work

If you are new to WordPress or if you want to get better results out of your SEO then you are going to want to use the Featured Image option.

Some themes allow you to display your featured image above your blogpost.

While others display it on your list of posts.

Either way you should know how to use it to your advantage.

If your theme allows you to use the ‘featured image’ as a header image then you only need add it once.

If it doesn’t, make sure you use the same image in the beginning of your blog.

You can display it to the left alongside text; to the right alongside text; centred in the middle or; centred to the left.

You’ll need to make these changes depending upon how you want the image to be displayed.

Wherever you place it remember to add text to the description, the caption and the Alt text option.

If you are using more than one image, take words out of the title or from your SEO words and use only two or three as your captions.

Don’t be repetitive and don’t assume your readers won’t notice images with the same caption.

Using these options will help increase your search ranking by 30%.

How to use the featured image option in WordPress
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