How to test if the look of your website is working
How to test your website

Regardless of whether you have spent a lot of time constructing your website or you’ve just thrown in together, you should find out what people think about it.

Here at Blog Images Online we are all about images and how they function to make your site more attractive. This will lead to more engagement from visitors.

Not everyone has the same tastes as you.

As well, you may be a great technician or a great teacher, but that doesn’t mean you have the skills to construct a great looking website.

In fact, unless you’ve got graphic design skills and you’re very creative your website probably lacks lustre.

Here’s a simple survey you can use to work out what your site feels like.

You might want to invite your Facebook friends to visit your site and complete the survey. Or, you could email it out to your professional contacts.

Rate my site from 1 to 10 (1 being awful and 10 being fabulous) on the following criteria:

  1. The colors
  2. The design
  3. I felt comfortable
  4. I knew immediately what the site was about
  5. I understood what the site was offering me

If you scored under 5 for any of these questions let’s chat about improving your site.

How to test if the look of your website is working
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