How to find out what words your customers are using to search online
Find out what words customers use to search online.

This method was taught by Bill Belew, an expert in content marketing.

It’s simple, but surprisingly effective.

If you are writing content for your blog you probably have a preconceived idea of what to put in the titles.

However, did you realise you should use the types of words that your customers are using because these are what they are going to use when they begin to type into their search engine.

Use words that you use to search online

We touched on this in this article – Give people want they want with clever content marketing

However, Bill Belew suggests that when you have completed writing your article save it on your computer and walk away.

Leave it for a couple of weeks then go to your computer’s search function and try to remember what you called it (the title).

You, just like your customers will use common words to search for what you are looking for.

Clever titles have little search value. Instead, use words which real people use.

When you go to publish the article you searched for use the words you used to find it on your computer as the title.

You may have to modify it slightly, but you’ll find your articles will be found much easier by your customers and the search engines they use.


How to find out what words customers are using to search online
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