How to decrease refunds and returns with online purchases
Decrease refunds and returns

One of the greatest rushes of our modern times is buying that special thing online. Even the wait for it to be posted to us just adds to the excitement.

When we get the item, one of two things might occur.

We might be so delighted with it, we share with all our friends and family on social media how wonderful it is.

Or, we are really disappointed and maybe even ask for our money back.

What kind of after-sales experience are you encouraging?

Sadly, this might not be the entire fault of the retail outlet. They may have described the size, color and shape of the item perfectly.

They may even have supplementary images which show how the product is used.

Essentially, however, the fault nearly always lies with the image.

Most people buy something on impulse that is reasonably priced. Dearer items will take a lot more consideration.

We see the image and check the price and that’s about all the information we want or need before we make a purchase.

Then we sit, watching out for the postman to deliver our newest, most treasured item.

Images sell your product; good and bad

To keep your customers inspired and not only returning to your online outlet, but sharing what they bought online, make sure the images you use truly reflect the size and characteristics of the product.

You won’t keep everyone happy that’s for sure, but ensuring that the images you use give the correct details will help reduce returns and refunds.


How to decrease refunds and returns with online purchases
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