All too often people run out of ideas to write about when they start a blog

Most blogs don’t live beyond 90 days, or three months, because of this.

However, with a bit of reflection we think there are literally hundreds of things you could write about.

Let’s step outside the box and look at a narrow subject of one author and his or her book.

As you can imagine, there are a few things an author could talk about, but the well might soon run dry.

They might cover the plot of their book and the characters.

They could talk about what motivates them and their writing routine.

But, what else?

If you want the search engines to send hundreds or thousands of people to your site you’ll need to keep writing original blog posts on a daily basis.

How to cover a wide range of ideas on your blog
How to cover a wide range of ideas on your blog

We’re here to help not just authors but all bloggers with these simple ideas:


Talk about the product itself; the various forms it comes in and; what technological advances it may or may not have undergone.


How is the product created and delivered.


What section of the population are using your product and how?


Can your product be used in a variety of different places, rooms, destinations?

You may only mention your product in the opening lines, and then you can talk about the topics mentioned here.

Keeping your blogging juices flowing can be difficult, but with a bit of thought you can keep blogging for years to come!


How to cover a wide range of ideas on your blog
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