How to check who else is using your image
Check who else is using an image

If you have collected a number of images for your blog and you think they are free, it might be worth finding out who else is using them.

Royalty free images are very popular and you’ll find many people all over the world have used them.

When a customer comes to your site and sees an image they know, they are going to make some significant judgements about your business.

They are going to think you are ‘just like the others’.

They are going to assume that you haven’t put much thought into your images and that you might be an unreliable person to do business with.

They might just yawn and think you are hum-drum just like all the others!

Using popular images may save you money but it can and will damage your online reputation.

If you don’t believe us, try if for yourself.

Go to Google Images and select the icon of a camera in the search bar.

How can I check how original my image is?

Then upload the image from your computer.

Wait for the results!

How can I check how original my image is?

This is the results we got from an image we used in an earlier post.

You can see all the different websites which have used it.

There were over ten pages altogether.

searching for images

It’s a great image and it says everything we wanted to say about clarity and vibrancy, but it seems everyone is using it too!

If you would like to discuss how our images are best suited to you, contact us here.

How to check who else is using your image
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