How should you structure sentences in your blog posts?
Short sentences work best.

Like the words you use, your sentences should be easy to read.

Long and convoluted sentences make scanning near impossible.

Scanning is the process where a visitor to your site will scan over the text.

Most online users don’t want to spend a lot of time reading in depth material.

Instead, they want to scan your posts to get whatever it is they are looking for.

If they can’t they’ll go elsewhere.

Why are short sentences important in blog posts?

You’ll notice each sentence in this post starts on a new line.

They are also relatively short.

If you are reading this post on a smartphone or tablet you will appreciate the reason for this more than if you are reading it on a larger screen.

Short sentences are not only easier to digest and understand, they are simply easier to read on smaller screens.

What are the benefits of short sentences?

The benefits of short sentences are many.

As mentioned earlier, they make your articles easier to read on small screens.

They make your information easier to digest and understand.

They also take a lot less time to scan.

This means that a visitor to your site will more than likely get to the end of a post, see your Call to Action and act upon it.

And isn’t that why you’re online in the first place?


How should you structure sentences in your blog posts?
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