How many words should your blog posts contain?
A blog post should be read in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

Well, this is an interesting topic which has had many content marketers pounding their keyboards with fury.

If you are new to content writing, it’s going to be important that you think about who your audience is going to be.

It’s a matter of finding the time

Our guess is that, like us, most people online don’t have a lot time.

They are busy rushing between work, school, the kids, the in-laws, and work again.

They don’t really have time to sit down and digest a long 600 word post.

In fact, we’d like to be that most long posts don’t get finished or they get filed away for “Sunday mornings” when hopefully we can find time.

Coffee + blog article = good!

How many words should your blog posts contain?

Most people, in fact, prefer to read a quick 200 to 250 word post.

They can do it waiting in line or while the kettle boils.

In fact, if your posts take longer to read than the time taken to drink a cup of coffee then they are probably too long.

Research tells us that Google ignores all posts which are over 250 words anyway, so you’re probably wasting your breath.

Sure, if you have a great 10 point plan that will save the world – write it.

You can then write shorter posts and link back to it. This will increase your site’s credibility too.


How many words should your blog posts contain?
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