How is a vector image used online?
Vector images

Vector images can be very useful to use when showcasing products on websites or blogs.

To explain, a vector image is one that has the background removed.

The benefit of this is that it clearly shows the image without any distractions.

Distractions might be a busy background that might confuse the viewer.

As well, a vector image allows many products to sell themselves.

It also allows the graphic designer to add other things behind or around the image.

Most products are best shown as vector images if they are stand alone.

These might be computers, phones or kitchen appliances.

However, there are some products which are best shown with other things or a background that supports their use.

These types of images show potential customers how the product might be best used.

One might see a desk lamp brightly lighting up a dark desk.

Or, a healthy cat eating the advertised cat food.

Your clients would certainly be more receptive to purchasing a child’s toy if it was shown being used by happy, healthy children.

In these cases, a vector image of the product alone might not do the product justice.

It is important to remember that while there are issues printing vector images, they are certainly great to use online.

How is a vector image used online?
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