How can you test how readable your blog posts really are?
How can you test your blog posts?

In recent posts we have looked at how studies into the way people’s eyes move across a webpage effects the information they retain.

We have also looked at the importance of using simple words and short sentences in your posts.

Today, we thought we would suggest a simple test you can do to see how quick and easy your webpages are to digest.

How to test your site’s readability

Choose one of your blog posts or webpages and do the following:

Set up a list of questions and answer them yourself

Read through the post and write down five questions about the content, the subheading and the images.

Now, write down the answers that you would hope someone would give you.

These shouldn’t be formed like quiz questions or ‘have you been paying attention’ style of questions.

The answers should tell you what people are noticing about the information you have presented.

Show someone your page

This can be a family member or your best friend, it doesn’t have to be a complete stranger.

The person should have an interest in the topic, but they don’t have to be an expert.

Ask them the questions and record their answers.

If they give you permission voice record their answers too. That way you can go back and listen to exactly what they said.

The results

How do the answers you were hoping for compare to those you actually got?

Did the person reviewing your site notice what you wanted them to?

Did they understand what your post was about?

Where they compelled to what to know more?


Go back to your site and review how you construct the information and make the necessary changes.

Remember, visitors’ experiences are more about how you convey information and establish a trustworthy environment where they will want to engage with you again.


How can you test how readable your blog posts really are?
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