How can you increase the content on your website?
How can you increase the content on your website?

Have you been writing for a number of months and the old ‘well of creativity’ feels like it’s about to dry up?

You’re not alone.

Many people begin writing with a lot of enthusiasm and vigour, but then they are often left with nothing to say.

They make the false assumption that they have run out of ideas.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Here are some tips which will keep you writing over the next few weeks:

Write about how you got started in your business

What inspired you to go down the path you’ve taken?

Was it a person or an event that shaped your decision?

Write about what services you use

There are many different services or items you use each day which contribute to your success.

Are you a fan of Windows 10, for example?

Would you be lost without your smartphone?

These things help you continue to stay in business. Tell your followers how and if you would recommend they use them too.

What’s the future projection for your business?

This can be a tricky subject because you may feel foolish if you get it wrong, but it does give you scope to share your dreams for the future.

Keep your projections measured and reasonable, and this will help avoid any embarrassment if you don’t reach them.


Rather than writing blog posts about your field of expertise, why not take a step back and create articles which are about other topics, but which can still be linked to your business.


How can you increase the content on your website?
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