How can you differentiate your content from similar blogs?
Differentiate your content

Let’s face it, there are thousands of bloggers online all typing away at similar subjects.

With over 50,000 new blogs starting a week, somewhere in the world, it’s getting increasingly difficult to get noticed.

Apart from creating amazing content that people are going to want to read, you are going to need something else to get the edge over your competitors.

The one way to do this is with powerful images.

The images you use should differentiate you from your competitors.

They should be eye-catching and grab a visitor’s attention straight away. You only have 1 to 3 seconds to engage a visitor and make them want to read your article.

If not, they’ll keep swiping and find someone else.

Use original images too.

Don’t get caught into thinking that any image will do. Your images should be intriguing.

They should reflect your business’ values and make a bold statement about your brand.

Nearly, everyone is using images that they are finding online, sometimes for free.

That’s okay as long as they haven’t breached copyright, but where’s the ‘wow’ factor?

Where’s that little something that will make your visitors stop and think what you have to offer is that little bit better than all the others?

If you need help with your images, let us know – we can help you gather the best images for you.


How can you differentiate your content from similar blogs?
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