How can the text you use effect how people read your posts?
Use a text which is easy to read.

You need to take into consideration how legible your text is.

Legibility is best understood by considering of the visual design of our site.

It is one of the most ignored aspects to content writing, but it is one of the most important.

If your readers aren’t able to recognise words or distinguish them then they are going to find a blog where they can.

In this post we are going to look at texts

As Jakob Nielsen points out in, Legibility Readability, and Comprehension: Making Users Read Your Words, making sure you have a text which is easy to read is very important.

Why does text matter?

Whether you know it or not, you have probably been using a sans serif type text all of your life.

These are the first options which Microsoft offer when you open a Word document.

The most popular is New Times Roman, then Ariel and Calibri.

These texts have been created so that each letter’s ratio reflects and enhances all the others.

As well, the space between the letters and the height of the longer letters is well thought out and crafted.

Why shouldn’t you use fancy scripts and fonts?

There are thousands of other fonts available, of course.

These may look like a running script or have quirky design aspects like paws for full stops.

Artistically they may appeal to you and reflect what you are trying to achieve on your blog, but use them sparingly.

Each different font is presented slightly differently on screens.

This means that they may not look the same on your computer as they do on your phone.

Use fancy fonts for titles graphics, but when it comes to your written text keep it simple.

Your readers will soon drop off if it takes too long to read your posts or if they are too difficult.


How can the text you use effect how people read your posts?
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