Why are blog images so popular?
Images should sell products

Products will sell themselves if you use the right images.

however, creating these images is not always an easy task.

Even if you have the most wanted product in the world, if you haven’t got great images it is unlikely that it will sell well.

You need to show your product doing what is does best.

Let’s consider footwear.

We often see shoes being showcased by a foot model.

His or her ankle and shin may be visible, but the main focus is on the shoe itself.

If it is a ladies fashion shoe this is probably all we are shown.

However, if you are selling hiking boots and your target market is young men, using an image like the one above may be counterproductive.

You want to show how durable and comfortable your hiking boots are so you should have them photographed in the wilderness.

If you are selling fluffy slippers, clients will be more receptive to purchasing them if they see them being worn in front of an open fire.

You are not going to sell running sneakers if the image you use has someone climbing a ladder.

Clients who like running or feel they need to keep fit will be more receptive to purchase them if they are worn by an athletic person.

Selling anything means creating an image that reflects how a potential customer will feel after they have purchased the item.

How can products sell themselves online?
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