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Get SMART about setting goals

In Get SMART to improve your online presence we looked at how to use S.M.A.R.T. to set goals for your online business.

This covered the five aspects –







Today we are going to look at how bloggers can use specific details to set achievable goals.

Setting goals is a large part of being successful in any setting.

The types of goals you set will include reaching targets on a monthly or quarterly basis or more long term, like the overall success of the business.

Most goals are related to sales and income, but they don’t have to be.

Some goals measure brand awareness and success of posts and social media activities.

Setting specific goals

When you set your goals you need to be very specific.

This is because your goals should be measurable in some way.

It is not use setting a goal that you want more visitors to my blog.

You should know who they are and where they come from – which country or town, for example.

When you have this information you can directly target them in advertising campaigns.

You may wish to increase your Twitter followers by 1,000 per month.

After the first two months, you may realise that this is unrealistic so you can reset your goal to 550.

You may wish to work out an average and add 20% to that each month.

Knowing the specific details of your goals will help you grow and develop your business more fully.


How can I use SMART to set specific goals for my blog?
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