Get SMART to improve your online presence
Get SMART about setting goals

Today we are going to look at how bloggers can use attainable targets to set achievable goals.

Setting goals is a large part of being successful in any setting.

Most goals are related to sales and income, but they don’t have to be.

Some goals measure brand awareness and success of posts and social media activities.

In Get SMART to improve your online presence we looked at how to use S.M.A.R.T. to set goals for your online business.

This covered the five aspects –







Setting attainable goals

The oxford dictionary tells us that ‘attainable’ means that something is possible.

When you are setting goals make sure they are exactly that.

Don’t set goals which are not feasible or are not within your grasp.

Your goals should be accomplishable by you through your business within a reasonable timeframe.

Can you alone reach the income you desire with the skills you have?

We all want to be extremely successful, but if our goals are not attainable then we will become disillusioned and lost.

This is one reason why so many businesses fail.

As well, if your goals are specific and measurable, your confidence will increase and your online blog will be much more successful.


How can I use SMART to set attainable goals for my blog?
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