There’s no doubt that writing content for your blog or website is time consuming.

Some people hate and really struggle with it.

Others, like the nerds who run this website, love it.

Generating organic traffic is essential for maintaining quality visitors to your site.

Potential customers have a problem, and you have one of many solutions.

The quality of your content is what turns potential customers into engaging, paying ones.

How can content marketing improve your ROI?
How can content marketing improve your ROI?

However, some interesting facts have come out of a report by Mark Walker-Ford from Red Design.

Interesting there is 70% more content being generated now than there was a year ago.

And, 90% of businesses are using content while 86% of their B2C marketers are utilizing content in some way.

While content marketing brings in 62% of all leads, businesses are only spending 25% of their marketing budget on it.

Walker-Ford’s report states content marketing generates 3 times as many leads as all other campaigns combined.

The numbers are stacking up

Content generates leads.

It is cheaper than other forms of advertising like Facebook and Google Ads, and there is a greater guarantee your information will find the right person – or, in the case of search engines, the right person will find you!

Content marketing just makes sense, however, there’s more to it than just write, post and share.

If you follow a set formula you’ll content can be maximised to be found easier and it will be easier to read on a wide variety of screens.

This will go a long way in improving your ROI.


How can content marketing improve your ROI?
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