How are people looking at your website?
How are people looking at your website?

In an interesting report, How does the F Pattern shape the way you should write blog posts?, we looked at new research that detailed how people look at websites.

Eye scans revealed that people often follow an “F” pattern as their eyes scan across the page.

They will read the opening title fully and spend more time on the first paragraph.

However, as their eyes down they are begin to look for subheadings and keywords which they are interested in.

This is mainly true of sites which are heavy on text.

How are retail pages seen?

However, eye scans reveal that when people are on retail pages they look differently at the page.

If someone has been attracted to an image of a product they are going to quickly scan the page for prices of other numbers.

They may look backwards and forwards to product details like colors, size and construction materials.

If satisfied with these results, they will look for shipping details and payment options.

Are you writing with these important factors in mind?

This opens up the question as to whether your page is being constructed to take advantage of this or not.

Are you answering the question or statement in your first paragraph?

Are you using images and subheadings throughout the body of your article for maximum grab?

Are the details of the products on your retail pages easy to find?

Test this theory for yourself to see if your pages are as user friendly as they should be.


How are people looking at your website?
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