How are movie stills used to maximum impact?
Jaws the Movie

Seen any good movies lately?

While the moving image is certainly entertaining, how do you find the stills created from the movies in advertising?

Do you find them engaging and interesting?

Are you more likely to rush off and watch a movie that has fascinating images?

It’s most likely that you haven’t put too much thought into this idea, but if you’re interested in images the way we are, you might like to consider them more.

Movie stills are carefully crafted and usually altered images that have maximum impact on the viewer.

The whole purpose is to raise enough curiosity and engender enough excitement so that you’ll want to rush out and see the movie.

Movie posters are highly collectible too; some have become iconic.

Take the movie poster for Jaws.

How are movie stills used to maximum impact?
Paws, the parody

You probably don’t even need us to show you the oversized, ferocious shark swimming upwards to the unsuspecting woman swimming above it.

This movie says it all without any need for further explanation.

The movie’s set in the sea; the antagonist is a large, razor teethed fish and the protagonists are going to have a dickens of a time trying to control it.

Even though it’s years old now, the image is still chilling – it still holds its impact.

How are movie stills used to maximum impact?
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