It’s rare nowadays to find someone who is not on social media.

It’s either because they think they are too old, and can’t seem to see the point. (Age has nothing to do with anyone’s ability to use social media, of course, it’s just a state of mind.)

There are also celebrities who choose to shun social media because of the adverse impact it can have on their career.

However, for the rest of us we have adapted and become addicted to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and others.

Has the constant exposure to moving images and videos affected our attention span?

Well, I don’t think you have to be a scientist to answer that question.

Taking into consideration your own habits, do you think your attention span has waned over the years?

When you are designing your blog and website, you need to factor this into the layout and themes you use.

Your site needs to download quickly, so visitors don’t get bored and leave before seeing your content. On average you have three seconds.

You also need to use compelling images that stand out and have a certain ‘wow’ factor.

Images hold people’s attention longer.

It may mean the difference between visitors reading your content and seeing you as an expert in your field.

Use images to overcome people’s shortened attention span and you’ll see better results.


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Has constant exposure to social media shortened our attention span?
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