Great ideas to keep you posting on your blog
Great ideas to keep you posting.

We all need a burst of creativity every now and then.

It’s hard to constantly come up with new content for our blogs.

Each week we like to offer some ideas that we have used here and on other blogs to write compelling content.

And that’s what it’s really all about, isn’t it?

Writing compelling content that people are going to want to share and be a part of.

A day in the life

Have you ever considered creating a post about a day in the life of yourself or your staff?

This often reveals a lot about your business which your followers may enjoy.

It also makes you look more human and relatable, and this builds your online trustworthiness.

Getting inspiration from a movie

Everyone loves going to the movies; it’s one of the most popular pastimes of all time.

If there a movie which relates to your business in some way?

Perhaps not the movie as a whole, but were there scenes set in your hometown?

Is there a connection with one of the actors and your business?

Are you involved in a similar field to one of the characters?

If so, talk about and share the similarities with your audience.

Great ideas to keep you posting on your blog
What has inspired you?

Office plants and what they offer

Plants offer a great deal to any environment. They add oxygen and can help relieve stress.

Is there a plant on your desk or do you have a great view out of the window?

Discuss how the plant helps you get through your day and why it is important.

It might not be directly related to your business, but it can reveal a little more about how you work and what inspires you.


Great ideas to keep you posting on your blog
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