Getting the best out of image composition
Getting the best out of image composition

Most professionally created images have been composed by an expert with an eye for quality and a good idea of what makes a pleasing composition.

Did you know that we are all attracted to some images and not others, and the composition plays a large part in this?

By definition the composition is the things that go into making up the picture. They are all the elements seen.

If you want to check if your images are well composed, and therefore attracting visitors and supporting your content, try this method:

Open up a program like MS Publisher or MS Word.

Insert your image and draw four lines over it so the image is separated into four equal parts.

These parts are called quadrants.

If your image is of a person or an animal, say your pet dog, the closest eye to the ‘camera’ should be in complete focus and it should appear in either an upper or lower quadrant.

It shouldn’t appear too centred or too close to the edge.

If your images are of items, say a computer keyboard, they should take up 60% of the image or more.

If your image is of a scene, a lake or a mountain view, the image should be broken by three horizontal lines of equal part.

These are only guides, and there are always exceptions to the rules. However, if you want your images to work best for your site pay more attention to their composition. What can the right image do for your blog?


Getting the best out of image composition
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