Get the Most out of Google Drive

If you haven’t already tried it Google Drive can really make your study and work life simpler.

It offers the same office programs that you have on your computer, but instead they are hosted on cloud.

Google Doc is the word processing option.

Sheets takes care of your spreadsheets, and slides your presentations.

This author found having Sheets on her mobile a must when she was marketing content to websites. It was just a matter of saving the url and putting it into the spreadsheet.

When I was back at my desk, I opened up Google Drive / Sheets, and there was all the information I had saved while I was mobile.

Get the Most out of Google Drive
Get the Most out of Google Drive

Google Drive for Authors

If you are a busy person, and most authors are you may not have the luxury of being able to write or market your books from home.

This is where the programs Google Drive offers can be a real boom for authors.

You can research blogs you want to write a guest post for while you are at the bus stop.

You could make notes about your next book while waiting for the kids to get out of school.

Using a smartphone or tablet you can get a lot done, save it to Google Drive and it will be waiting for you when you get back to your desk.

For busy authors, it is a real must.

Get the Most out of Google Drive
Get the Most out of Google Drive

Sharing Documents with Your Team

The benefits are that a whole group of people can edit one document without the need for one person to be saving editions and trying to keep up with changes. And, better still these changes can be tracked.

Getting the most out of Google Drive can take time, but the clever designers at Café Quill have come up with a very neat graphic.

What You’ll Learn About Google Drive

In this graphic, you’ll learn how to save 10% of your time over 12 months using Google Drive.

It will show you all the keyboard shortcuts you will need, and how to navigate the screen more efficiently.

When a document is created it can be shared with a range of people just by using their emails. Now, there are levels which you can assign to other users.

Google Drive is certainly the future of online word processing, and more.

It offers so much flexibility from the home entrepreneur through to large companies.

Check out the infographic below and let us know how you use Google Drive in your business.


Get the Most out of Google Drive
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