Get SMART to improve your online presence
Get SMART about setting goals

Setting goals is a large part of being successful in any setting.

Business owners have been setting goals of different kinds.

These might be targets on a monthly or quarterly basis or more long term, like the overall success of the business.

Most goals are related to sales and income, but they don’t have to be.

Some goals measure brand awareness and success of posts and social media activities.

What is the best approach to goal setting?

There are a few slightly different approaches to goal setting.

However, most use the SMART acronym as a guide.

In this post we are going to look at what each of these mean in regards to setting goals.


Write down every detail you can about the goal you want to achieve. Don’t leave anything out.

Being specific will help you realise other aspects of this goal as set out below.


You have to be able to measure or count the goal. These might be number of visitors to your site, sales figures or likes on Facebook, for example.


If you follow your plan, the goal should be attainable within a certain timeframe. You are not going to get a million followers on Twitter, for example, in the first year.

Once you have started tracking (measuring) your goal you will be able to set more attainable benchmarks.


The goal has to be realistic or reasonable. We all hear fairy stories about overnight successes, but these are just that – fairy stories.

Keeping yourself grounded and your goals real will inspire you not to give up when things get tough.


There has to be reasonable times set to your goal.

Again measuring them will give you a much clearer idea of what you can achieve and in what timeframe.

Be realistic and positive and the success of your online presence will be realised.


Get SMART to improve your online presence
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