Don’t call me a peep or a user!
Don’t call me a peep or a user!

Using trendy and quirky terms when addressing your audience is becoming a common practise.

However, it is fraught with issues and may be driving people away.

Peeps are people too!

Using the term ‘peep’ implies that the person reading your post is one of your followers.

It also has an underlying implication that they are subservient to you; below you and not as important as you.

Is that what you want to convey?

While you are an expert in your field and probably a lot more knowledgeable than most of your visitors, you should always write from a position of humility.

Let’s face it – no one likes a know-it-all or a smart alek.

While we are willing to put ourselves into the position of student, we want to be respected and treated justly.

Are you just another user?

Another word which may drive people away from your site is ‘user’.

It is a sterile word which implies that an individual visiting your site is just like all the others.

The word ‘user’ makes sheep out of us all.

Remember, that every person who visits your site is a real person with feelings and a whole lot of history.

They are intelligent and the time they spend with you, all be it anonymous, should be valued by you.

After all there are thousands of other bloggers out there who value their visitors.

Don’t encourage your visitors to leave your site and go to them instead.


Don’t call your blog visitor a peep or a user!
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