When Trish Lewis wanted to reach out to people suffering from medical dis-eases she knew there was only one way to do it thoroughly.

Blog content.

Creating content around alternative medicine
Creating content around alternative medicine

Everyone needs a blog

Trish has a wealth of knowledge and experience as a kinesologist and Meta Medicine practitioner.

On her website, Stress in all its Guises, Trish explains that stress is the major factor behind most, if not all, diseases.

The stress which are mind and bodies are put under all the time comes under the Fight or Flight process.

While this is an important part of our early survival skills, it seems our bodies are not releasing the stress as they should.

If left unchecked, according to Trish, this can even lead to PTSD.

Writing content is not easy for any professional so Trish hired us to do it for her.

Taking her writing and turning into content isn’t hard because Trish has written a great book about the subject.

Our job is to re-write the text and make sure it’s formatted so it’s easy to read.

With more and more people turning away from traditional medicines in search of real answers, it’s no doubt that Stress in all its Guises is getting noticed.

Its content is driven to help people live longer, happier lives.

And, who doesn’t want that!

Creating content around alternative medicine
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