Create longevity with the right kind of images
Create longevity with the right kind of images

Images are your badge of recognition and they work somewhat like a logo. If you consistently use ones that are easy to recognise, they will add longevity to your brand.

You see a logo and recognise the name of the company immediately.

You don’t need to be told what the thick nike tick stands for or what it represents.

You also don’t need to have the McDonald’s logo, the golden arches, explained to you.

These are just two of millions of logos which relate hundreds of facts about each company.


Your images can work like a logo for your blog or website

You can use them alongside a logo or to support and enhance it if you have one.

If you don’t, the images you choose can relate the same message.

This will only work if you pick images that match and have a kind of loose uniformity.

As you can see from this blog, the images have a likeness to each other.

They are designed and created to do just that. The hope is if you see one like them you’ll know where they came from.

Your images should play the same role if you want them to enhance the values of your business and celebrate your brand.

This will create longevity for your business and you’ll become as easily recognisable as your competitors.


Create longevity with the right kind of images
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