Create content that establishes your authority

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are an expert in your field.

This is based on the one fact that you have chosen to blog about it.

While, some might say that you need degrees and qualifications to be an expert, the fact that you have begun writing about your chosen subject, makes you an expert.

Now, if you’re giving away free medical advice and you aren’t a doctor, then you may get yourself into trouble,

But, if you have a passion for writing romances or caring for bonsais, then the knowledge and experience you share on your blog means that you are an authority.

Create content that establishes your authority
Create content that establishes your authority

Becoming an authority takes time

You won’t become an authority over night.

As we’ve discussed before, creating compelling content which is engaging and irresistible to search engines takes dedication.

You’ll need to blog each day and be consistent with what you present.

However, establishing yourself as an authority can be done if you share great content.

This content should always take the form of written content, but can be supplemented with videos, images, graphs and tables.

If you create compelling content you’ll find others will start to come to you for advice.

You will become a top influencer in your field too.

Create content that establishes your authority
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