Content that informs matters to your audience

Providing information for your readers is paramount to creating great blogging content.

We all go online to be informed one way or another.

Perhaps we want to be informed about how much the latest smart phone costs or what’s the best way to French polish a cupboard.

How do I know what topics to blog about?

Providing your readers with the type of information they require can take some time to work out.

You may find that some posts gather more shares and comments. A sure-fire indication that you are on the right track.

If you are using Google Analytics you’ll be able to track the most popular landing pages.

Content that informs matters to your audience
Content that informs matters to your audience

These are the blog posts which people have searched for and found.

If you’re not sure how to check this go to ‘Behavior’ > ‘Site Content’ > ‘Landing Pages’.

You’ll see the page or blog titles on the left. The one with the forward slash (/) is your home page.

If you click on the 2 grey squares in the bottom right hand corner, it will take you to each individual page. This is useful if you’re not sure what you wrote!

Using this function in Google Analytics is a great way of seeing what blog posts are the most popular.

Scan the content and see how it has informed your reader.

Can you add more to this ideas and create separate posts?

If you do you’ll certainly attract more visitors.

Content that informs matters to your audience
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