Capture potential readers with dramatic images
Use dramatic images

Images do more than show off products or catch people’s eye.

While images play a huge importance in getting people to read and identify with your content, you should be looking at using them to create an unforgettable experience.

Creating a visual experience may sound a bit out of your league or too hard, but it’s not.

Images of any sort will give potential clients an emotional response.

When someone ‘reads’ an image they are not only identifying emotions about you and your brand, but their response to these as well.

If you images are red they will evoke feelings of power and a sense of security.

If they are blue they will evoke feelings of trustworthiness and serenity, for example.

Images give depth and add context to your product or service creating an engaged experience for visitors to your blog.

If you have been following this blog, you’ll already be aware that we are posting articles about how colors can affect people’s experience of your blog.

When choosing images think about how they make you feel? Are they friendly or cold? Funny or serious? Do these reflect your mission statement?

If they images affect you in a particular way, they are sure to do the same for your blog visitors.



Capture potential readers with dramatic images
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