Can your blog visitors understand what you are saying?
Can your blog visitors understand you?

Written language is more than just correct spelling, punctuation or the words you use.

If you want visitors to your blog to understand what you have to say and act upon it then your text will need to be comprehensible.

Comprehension is the readers’ ability to understand the meaning conveyed in any piece of written text.

This means that after reading your posts, a visitor to your site should be able to repeat what you have said.

As well, they should be able to follow your instructions and act upon them if they desire to do so.

How can you make sure your blog is comprehensible?

The best way to make sure visitors can comprehend what you are saying is to use words that they use all the time.

These are often simple, plainspoken words that they are familiar with.

If you are writing for a unique audience by all means use words which they understand. This may mean terminologies which are used often, but have little meaning outside of the group.

Speciality occupations and hobbies often use words and phrases that are different from common place terms.

Always begin your article with the main conclusion

If you begin your article with the main conclusion you are telling visitors exactly what they are going to read about from the beginning.

From this point you can go into more specific details.

As Jakob Nielsen in, Legibility Readability, and Comprehension: Making Users Read Your Words, suggests, Use an inverted-pyramid writing style: start with the conclusion or an overview of the main point.”

Use dot points and short sentences to help your reader maintain your information.

Use images and charts to convey even more information quickly.

Remember, all people online are busy and have little time to read long, complicated pieces of text.

Instead, they prefer information which is presented clearly and is easy to read.

If you over complicate how you present information then they are going to go somewhere else to read it.


Can your blog visitors understand what you are saying?
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