Most free images are free because they have been used so many times they have become ineffective.

Avoid cliche images
Avoid cliché images

People are so used to seeing them, they have lost their gloss from saturation.

The images have lost their impact.

Most of these images are those of young 30 something business people cheering or working diligently on a project.

Everyone looks great – their hair is tidy, their clothes clean and ironed, and there’s the white background which shows how great these people really look.

It’s clean, it’s fresh and, it doesn’t look like any office anyone has ever been in.

Research has shown that most people prefer real images rather than stock images.

Even though real photos show mistakes and have a lot less polish, people engage with them more.

This may be because they are more realistic, and people can identify with them more easily.

People, in fact, don’t mind flaws.

Realism, as they say, is truism.

If you are selling something to a particular target market, you should include a model who actually looks like someone from your target market.

An older man in his 50s is not going to identify with an image of a younger man cycling through Europe who is selling a knapsack.

Similarly, a young woman is not going to be compelled to purchase a pair of shoes modelled by an older woman.

When choosing the important images for your website and blog, think about how real they are and do they really reflect your brand and image?

Avoid clichéd images on your blog and website
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