Authors, Welcome to Your Online Program specially created for you.

Below are all the links you need to start changing your website, adding the right kind of content, and attracting visitors who are looking for books just like yours.

All you need to do is start is click the links provided.



Module 1

Learn how to create your website for greater engagement, attract more visitors and sell more books:

Intro – Creating an Author Website for Greater Engagement

Module 1 – Website For Greater Engagement

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Module 2

Intro: Learn how to create compelling content on your blog and website which will get found  by people looking for your books.


Module 2 – Creating Compelling Content On Your Blog and Website 

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Module 3

Intro: How to create, format, and publish videos which will create more interest in your books including book trailers.


Module 3 – How to create, format, and publish videos 

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Module 4

Intro: Learn the benefits of being a guest blogger on other people’s websites.


Module 4 – Learn the benefits of being a guest blogger

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Module 5

Intro: Learn how to invite and host guests on your website in such a way it will increase your SEO.


Module 5 – Learn how to invite and host guests on your website 

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Module 6

Intro: Learn how to use images which are compelling and enticing.


Module 6 – Learn how to use images

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Module 7

Intro: Learn how to share your website content using social media


Module 7 – Learn how to share your website 

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Module 8

Intro: Learn how to use Amazon, Kindle, and Smashwords affiliate links to boost sales and attract new customers.


Module 8 – Amazon, Kindle, and Smashwords affiliate links 

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