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Authors Online Package
Authors Online Package

The Get Found Online Author Program is designed for authors who have a website which is not performing at its best.

If you need to reach people who want to read your books then you need to learn how to present your website content in the right kind of way.

You need to think about your website as your main marketing tool.

A tool which will attract the right kind of people – those interested in reading your books.

If you have your website set up properly, you’ll find that it will attract people who want to buy your books, and want to share them.

Don’t pay thousands of dollars to let someone else do it for you.

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Don’t waste time on Social Media Anymore

Don’t waste your time posting on social media day after day.

With our easy to follow, step by step program, you’ll be able to have a great performing website, which attracts visitors without costly advertising or set up fees.

You won’t need to post or tweet day after day.

Learn how to build your website so that it attracts the right kind of visitors for you, allowing you more time to do what you love, writing.

For a limited time this incredible course the price of this course has been slashed!

The Author Get Online Fast Program:

This program will take you through 8 modules.

These modules will teach you how to create and use your website to attract the right kind of people to your site who want to read your book.

Module 1

Build your website for greater engagement, attract more visitors and sell more books.

Most author websites are confusing, and people click away quickly.

Create your website so that it promotes your books, and doesn’t distract from them.

Value: $19.97

Module 2

Learn the secrets of creating compelling content which will attract those people who are looking for your books.

Many authors blog about things which don’t interest their audience.

Sell more books by creating, formatting, and publishing content on your website that readers are looking for.

Value: $19.97

Module 3

Learn how videos can create a greater interest in your books.

A book trailer, and other videos, should sell your book not just promote it.

Learn the which video platforms offer the best advantages for authors, and the secrets behind creating a compelling video.

Value: $19.97

Module 4

Learn the benefits of being a guest blogger on other people’s websites.

Being a guest on someone else’s site is great for your SEO, but do you know how to write engaging articles that will make readers click through to your site?

Learn how to structure and format your articles for greater SEO.

Value: $19.97

Module 5

How to invite and host guests on your website in such a way it will increase your SEO.

Hosting guests on your site is often misunderstood.

Learn how to invite and promote your guests so you both benefit, and sell more books.

Value: $19.97

Module 6

Learn why images  are compelling and enticing, and extremely important to SEO.

The message behind a single image is relayed to the brain 60,000 faster than words.

You need to know how to use them to promote and sell your books.

Value: $19.97

Module 7

Learn why sharing your website content using social media is important.

Don’t beg or nag your way around social media hoping others will share your posts.

Instead, learn why reposting it will attract readers and others who will promote your book.

Value: $19.97

Module 8

Learn how to use Amazon, Kindle, and Smashwords affiliate links to boost sales and attract new customers.

Value: $19.97

Authors Online Package

Having a great website is one thing, but you need to have one which attracts the right people – those who want to read and share your books!

The Get Online Fast Author Program was created for fiction and non-fiction authors.

All you have to do is go through the step by step modules to format your website, post content and other facets which will boost your SEO and bring readers to your site.

Are you ready to attract the right kind of visitors and sell more books?

To buy each of these modules separately would cost over:


But, for a limited time you can download all 8 modules today for only:


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