Are your words driving visitors away from your website?
Are your words driving visitors away from your website?

The words you choose to write are typically influenced by your education and background.

They are also influenced by the culture you grew up with.

While English is one of the most popular languages in the world, and certainly the language of business, there are a few common words which should be avoided when writing blog post and articles.

In Cringeworthy words to cut from online copy, Hoa Loranger tells us about 5 words which should be avoided.

The article claims that not only are these words annoying and have little if any meaning, they can lead to a break in trust.

As many people are scanning more so than in depth reading, these words will slow this process down.

They act like stones on a smooth path, tripping up those who are walking fast along it.

The words not to use are:


This is just a fancy word for ‘use’. When a reader came across this word in Loranger’s study their levels of trust dropped.

People prefer simpler words, not because they are unintelligent, but because they want the information as quick as possible.


This word has an authorative tone which can sound patronizing.

It also has little value and your meaning would be better communicated with words such as ‘help’ or ‘shows’.

Are your words driving visitors away from your website?
Keep visitors coming back with easy to read copy.


Known as an empty intensifier, the word ‘very’ adds little substance to your articles or posts.

In fact, it just takes up valuable space while diminishing the quality of your work.

We understand that…

This phrase like others which waste time seem to be dragging out the point being made.

This may seem like an effort to stall rather than tantalize. Keep your language – words and phrases, straight to the point.

End user

This term like ‘peeps’ is one of our most hated phrases.

It puts everyone reading your article into the same category.

It ignores their individuality and unique perspectives, reasons why they have visited your website in the first place.

Using ‘tech-speak’ will alienate anyone who doesn’t know exactly what it means and again diminish trust in you and your business.


Are your words driving visitors away from your website?
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