Are you missing something not including videos in your blog content?
Include videos on your blog.

Facebook is leading the way with user generated videos.

It is predicted that within the next few years, they will take up nearly half of its content.

And many of these will be home spun clips shot from smartphones like the one sitting you’re probably reading this on.

Videos: what’s the catch?

Videos have a hook factor that now business entrepreneur can ignore.

They seem to transfix us from start to finish.

Can you remember the last time you hit stop?

Like many of us, you probably sit and watch all videos to the end; even the bad ones.

It’s like we are trained to sit and wait for it to get better.

Or, perhaps we are waiting for the exciting climax?

After all, videos are just like mini movies.

How can you use videos to engage more visitors to your blog?

Just like blog posts, you need to keep them short and simple.

Most people are happy to invest one or two minutes of their time, but not much more.

You should use titles to clearly say what the video is about.

Use engaging images or a friendly face to present the information, too.

You should always include a Call to Action at the end.

Videos are certainly the way of the future.

They no longer take an age to download and they can now be watched on all manner of devices.

So, have your considered using videos on your blog?


Are you missing something not including videos in your blog content?
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