Are you suffering from content overload?
Are you suffering from content overload?

People use the internet for three main reasons.

To be entertained, informed and educated.

There is a massive amount of content being created under these three headings for millions of people over the world.

It is interesting to note that only 47% of the world’s population has access to the internet. Can you imagine how much information will be required when the other 53% go online?


Regardless, those of us who are online each day are being saturated with articles and posts.

Are we all suffering from content overload?

Are we becoming dissatisfied with site after site of articles?

Is this saturation too much or are we learning how to sort through it and pick out the bits we want to connect with?

Current trends certainly indicate that we are looking for more and more content, but it is certainly worthwhile considering how you can set yourself apart from your competitors.

You may have the answer to your customers’ woes, but if it is presented on page after page, or screen after screen, of text, no one is going to want to spend the time to read it.

To avoid boring your visitors with too much content, showcase it with great images.

Images can add more meaning and reflection to your content.

Images have a significant emotional impact that shouldn’t be ignored.

Use images that are interesting and engaging to avoid people suffering from content overload when they visit your site.


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Are we suffering from content overload?
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