Are subheadings the key to keeping visitors on your site longer?
Make your subheadings work for you.

Subheadings offer the blogger who utilizes them a distinct advantage.

They do this in two ways.

Subheadings set out what your article is about

Subheadings give your reader a good idea what topics your articles cover in a glance.

As more and more people are using their smartphones and tablets which have small screens they are going to swipe down to get an idea of what your article contains.

Using your subheadings cleverly will help keep them on your site longer.

This will decrease your bounce rate and engage more visitors.

Your subheadings could take the form of questions.

Under each one you could offer an answer or suggestions.

Subheadings help your article get found

If you use keywords in your subheadings that relate to your topic search engines will be more likely to find your article.

Frame your subheadings along the lines of search terms people may use.

One word subheadings are not as effective as phrases, sentences and questions.

What words and phrases do people use to find your site?

This information can be difficult to obtain, but Google Analytics will tell you which page people are landing on the most.

From here you can analyse the post and use it as a formula for others.

Getting noticed online has more to do with grabbing visitors’ attention with great images and compelling titles.

Keeping them on your site means using subheadings, as well as, quality posts to your advantage.


Are subheadings the key to keeping visitors on your site longer?
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